Monday, December 12, 2011

NFL Week 14 Comments

Browns/Steelers - The Steelers struggled in this game against the Browns. Really? Really?

Colts/Ravens - The Ravens continue their quest to win the division. They hold the tiebreaker over Pittsburgh and have one more game each with the Bengals and Browns. The Colts inch closer to quarterback controversy - Peyton in '12 vs. probable draft pick Andrew Luck.

Falcons/Panthers - The Falcons stay alive in a wild card race after the Saints clinched a playoff birth, but it was a comeback win. Panther problem - Cam Newton threw the ball nearly 40 times!

Texans/Bengals - The Texans continue their march with a last-minute victory over the Bengals. Bengal playoff hopes take a hit.

Vikings/Lions - The Lions prove they can win without DT Ndamukong Suh (knucklehead) and keep their playoff hopes alive with a win over the division foe Vikings. My question is what was Minnesota doing pulling their quarterback of the future Christian Ponder?

Buccaneers/Jaguars - The Bucs had a 14-point lead but couldn't hold on to the ball as they had seven turnovers. No wonder Maurice Jones-Drew set the Jaguars team record for scoring four touchdowns in a game.

Eagles/Dophins - Did anyone care about this game? The Eagles exploded for 24 points in the second quarter, but their second half scoring was only two points. It's sad that the Eagles still have a slim chance to make the playoffs.

Chiefs/Jets - The Jets hold on to a Wild Card spot in the playoffs for now and play no killer teams in the three remaining weeks. Running seems to be the key for the Jets as Sanchez didn't have to do too much throwing the ball just 21 times.

Saints/Titans - It wasn't a pretty win for the Saints, but a win is a win and this win helped them clinch a playoff birth. The Titans loss helped the Texans claim the division title and leaves them on the outside looking in just short of a Wild Card spot.

Patriots/Redskins - Was the result of this game a surprise? Brady puts up monster stats. The Patriots are close to winning the division. Another ho-hum game.

49ers/Cardinals - What happened here? The 49ers drop a game and now are tied for the second seed in the NFC with the Saints. Things have to get hard next week before closing easily for the Niners with a game against the Steelers this week.

Bears/Broncos Tebows - The Bears should be ashamed of themselves and failed to stop Tebowmania. Winning 10-0 in the fourth quarter, the Bears choke and let the world go crazy over Tebow for another week. Ilch. As it stands now, the Tebows are leading their division and the Bears are not in the playoffs hoping for Cutler to come back soon.

Raiders/Packers - 13-0. Packers continue to roll and when I caught the fourth quarter, they already had their subs in. I said before that Carson Palmer is overrated. A little stat data, four interceptions for Palmer in this game bringing his seven-game season total to 13 - one shy of the number of touchdowns he's thrown. Disgraceful.

Bills/Chargers - Good night Buffalo. After starting with promise, your season is over as you are eliminated from playoff contention. The Chargers are still in the hunt for a playoff spot at 6-7, but they'll need a lot of help to get there. How the tide has changed in the AFC Wild West.

Giants/Cowboys - Super Eli to the rescue. The Giants QB lead two touchdown drives in the final three minutes of the game to take control of the NFC East. The way the Giants and Cowboys schedules look going forth could mean the Week 17 rematch in the Meadowlands could determine the division winner.

Rams/Seahawks - Will anyone watch this game? I suppose the Seahawks are still barely in the playoff hunt, but at 5-7 they would need so many things to happen to make it. Should be a Hawks win cause the Rams are on their third-string QB, but Seattle has been less that stellar at winning home games this year with a 3-3 record at CenturyLink.

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