Monday, December 12, 2011

Boyfriend Questions

So Ang wants me to answer a list of questions concerning our relationship. We've seen these in video form, but we decided to do it in text. These are always fun so here goes:

-Where did we meet?
Well, the first time we met was actually on a dating Web site - Plenty of Fish. I was messing around on there at the suggestion of the person who cuts my hair and saw this beautiful local girl that looked like a lot of fun. I messaged her, was lucky enough to get a response and by the end of the conversation we set up a date to meet.

-What was our first date?
Our first date... Wow, where to be begin. It was about an 11-hour affair. We met at my favorite coffee place in Camp Hill, talked, went to City Island, drove around the area, had dinner, ended up at Barnes and Noble, Pier 1 and a car dealership. I'm sure there's more detail for the date, but that was it. Eleven hours later we had decided to see each other again and I believe we met up again the next day.

-Where was our first kiss? How was it?
Our first kiss I remember vividly. We were sitting on the concrete City Island "beach" (don't get in the water, you're likely to catch something) on our first date. I leaned had my arm around her, leaned over and kissed her. As to how it was, who kisses and tells? LOL But to be honest, we're still together today and I remember enjoying it.

-Did you think they were the one? 
On the first date? I don't know. I knew I enjoyed spending time with her and was able to convince her to come to a wedding with me a week later. And we're still together seven months later, so that counts for something, doesn't it?

-What was your first impression of me? 
This is a funny question. Because I met her online, I was waiting for her to be 900 pounds and look nothing like her pictures. However, I was wrong and she was much better looking in person and so personable. I remember us saying how scary it was because of the similarities in our personalities.

-When did you meet the family? 
Hmmm... I know it wasn't long after we started dating. It was before I took her to the wedding so her family would know I wasn't some creeper. I remember it being a little intimidating at first, but it all worked out. Just recently I met some extended family (the grandparents).

-Do you have a tradition? 
Hmmm... I can think of a few little dumb traditions we have weekly on our trip to KClingers for trivia night. We always talk about how our friend worked at the Utz factory and ask if she wants any meat from the Meat Locker in Hanover. The only other tradition I can think of is when we part for the night whoever has to drive home says they will text when they get home so we know each other are safe.

-First road trip?
Major road trip or first time we traveled to somewhere to stay the night? The first time we stayed together was at the wedding about a week and a half after we met. After that, we had weekend visits at friends' houses, another wedding in Erie, a two-day trip to New York City and a three-day to New York State.

-Who said I love you first?
This was a tricky one. I remember a conversation about us saying we were falling for each other, but didn't want to get too attached if we didn't feel the same way about each other. The potential was always there, but I think I may have said it first.

-What do you argue about the most? 
Me. I can be very stupid sometimes, lack common sense, have little motivation, have a big mouth and will drag my feet and be lazy when I shouldn't be. I'm the most common thing we fight about, but we also good communication so they don't usually last too long.

-Do you hate any of their exs? 
I don't really know any of her exes, but from some of the things she tells me, I know she deserves and deserved better from the way she was once treated.

-Who wears the pants in the relationship? 
I've only seen Ang wear a dress or skirt three or four times, so we both wear a lot of pants. ;-)

-What size shoe does she wear? 
If I get this wrong, I might get crucified since one of her obsessions is shoes. To be on the safe side, I'd say depending on the make and fit, anywhere between an eight and nine.

-What is her favorite type of sandwich? 
She doesn't eat too many sandwiches that I'm aware of, but I would say she likes the turkey wrap sandwiches from Arbys, double cheeseburgers from McDonalds and I can't remember the name of the sandwhich, but it's ham and pineapple on rye (?) at Isaacs. No avocados on the sandwiches though.

-What would she eat every day if she could? 
Depends... Eat without getting sick or eat in general? Seafood makes her sick, but I know she would love to have crab, lobster, etc. if she could. Other than that, I don't know if there is one food she is super crazy about other than french fries from KClingers. I know she also loves a good doughnut.

-What is her favorite cereal? 
Never having seen her eat cereal and not remembering too much of what she does eat, I don't know. I want to say Lucky Charms, but it's a stab in the dark.

-What is her favorite sports team?
The New Orleans Saints. Ok, ok, ok, ok...

-Whats her eye color?
A regular boyfriend would say blue. I would say the kind of blue that makes you get lost in the beauty of them. She knows how to bring them out with what she wears and the eyeshadow (makeup freak) she highlights them with.

-Who is her best friend? 
Sometimes it's me, others it's not. People that come to mind are Brian, Alex, Nate, Lori and Missy. She's my best friend.

-What is something you do that she wishes you didn’t? 
Take your pick.. Sleep a lot, drink, procrastinate, open my stupid mouth, arrive late, have a part-time job (she and I want me to be full-time somewhere), allow my friends and family to influence my decisions and do the anchorman yawn/scream.

-What does she collect?
Neat odd fact, she collects coins. Specifically rare coins, all the state coins and pennies you turn into designs at tourist attractions. She also has a vast collection of shoes and makeup.

-What could she spend hours doing? 
Besides taking a bath? LOL She loves to read and at the moment loves Hallmark movies. Recently she also said she's been on several YouTube journeys starting at one spot and hours later still be on YouTube 50,000 topics away from what she started at.

-What unique talent does she have?
Hmmm... I should know this, but honestly I don't. She's one of the best multi-taskers I know and toughest girls who rarely complains (if she does, you know something is wrong). And not to sound egotistical, a talent she has is being in love with me. I know I'm far from perfect, but she loves me for who I am and makes me more comfortable that anyone ever has. I love you baby. Muah!

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