Thursday, January 19, 2012


We are not doing so great at keeping up with this blog lately! I'm sorry!
We have both been sick off and on and just do not have the motivation to write much.
There are going to be quiet a few changes coming within the next year so we are busy in our personal lives. My parents decided at the beginning of January that they are moving north so they can be closer to both of their parents (both doing poor with their health) I am moving with them because I can not afford to stay down here due to being on disability. Aaron has also decided to move with us. I am super excited to be moving close to family again but I will miss all my friends down here. It will be a big change for me and Aaron as well. We have not lived together prior to this move so there will be some adjustments!
Now we wait to find jobs, than sell our house and we will be on our way.
I will try to update more frequently and get back into the blog hops!

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