Sunday, January 15, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

So after looking all over the place by myself. I dragged Aaron around with me Saturday to find these blushes. I found them at both Rite Aide and Target. They are about $7-9 so they are a little more than I like to pay for drugstore makeup and I am still undecided if they are worth the price. They are such a unique texture, its kind of like a gel formula that turns into powder on your face. I really like the appearance of them once they are applied. I used my fingers to apply and went around in like 10 circle swipes to get the color I wanted. However, the one thing I do not like is how much lighter they appear than they look in the packaging. Do not be afraid of the darker colors! Overall I am glad I bought two!
Sorry the pictures are a bit dark, it was night time.

70-Hot Tamale
20-Peach Satin

70 on top 20 on bottom

70 Hot Tamale

20-Peach Satin

70 on left 20 on right swatched

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